Hi, I’m Eighth The Painter, very nice to meet you!

Got a minute? I would like to show you where my inspirations come from, in order to create the beautiful hand painted finishes that I do, from the highest peeks in Northamerica to the lowest and inhospitable places, from the coldest areas to the warm and green south, from the colors of Petrified Forest in Arizona Death Valley in California to the gray tones in Badlands National Park, and from the colorful geysers in Yellowstone National Park and Grand Canyon to the never changing Mojave Desert. Most of my Ceiling Medallion names make reference to it. It is my pleasure that you enjoy them the same way I do when I’m painting them, Thank you all!

Eighth at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, where nature exposes at its higher level.

Eighth at Death Valley National Park in California, and endless and vast continuity of colors and immensity, again nature showing off.

Eighth at Sequoia National Park in California, a unique inspiring landscape, with the oldest and bigger living trees in our planet.

Eighth at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona, where wood transformed in rock to delight us with a unique spectacle of colors and eternity.