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If I choose to cut the center hole in a ceiling medallion, how do I know what size?2018-06-12T21:21:46+00:00

In this case, you have a combination of factors, first your electric box, which usually is recommended cutting 3 inches, and secondly your light fixture or ceiling fan canopy diameter. Both factors should be considered before choosing hole size, as you need room for all your wiring and hanging parts, and at the same time this hole should be covered by your canopy, also view product attribute to see what is this ceiling medallion canopy fitting specification. Please keep in mind the ceiling medallions with center hole cut are not returnable, because they are not resalable.

What method should I use to install my crown moldings2018-06-12T19:29:09+00:00

You can use finishing nails or glue (liquid nail), although finishing nails is recommended, as usually ceiling and walls are not 100% straight, then is this case nails help better to attach the pieces of moldings without leaving gaps, nails can be hidden by placing them into the design deeps (dark areas), most of the time touch up is not necessary.

What is the rough opening to install a ceiling dome.2018-06-12T19:22:04+00:00

Rough opening for ceiling domes installation is the hole that should be open in the ceiling to insert the dome, the measurements associated with this attribute is the diameter by the heigh, diameter is, of course related to dome diameter and heigh is the clearance over drywall for dome insertion.

What is a tapered column?2018-06-11T15:04:34+00:00

This simply styled column features just the right amount of detail for a crisp and architecturally rich appearance. We offer the Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Column in classical proportions for those in search of a historically accurate product. This column is inspired by the Doric and Tuscan columns of ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Like its ancient predecessors, it features a entasis (a slight bulge at the center of the column shaft), and a gracefully tapered form. Ancient architects believed that these elements combined to produce the most aesthetically effective and visually pleasing column. Today, their principles live on in the Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Column.

How the height of a column is calculated?2018-06-11T14:16:25+00:00

Columns are divided in three sections, capital, shaft and base, every one of them has specific measurements, but all together that form the column itself has only one specific height, called (overall height) and that is the measurement that should be calculated as the column height.

I would like to know about your hand painted faux marble finish.2018-06-11T14:11:17+00:00

We paint our columns and pilasters completely by hand, reproducing real marbles, using a sophisticated technique to obtain the deep and transparent appearance of marble, as well as the veins and cracks produced in the rock by the oxidation of metals through the years. This artistic process is elaborated in several stages through a careful combination of layers of colors, from the base colors to the upper layers, as in reality, then later a glossy clear coat is applied for a real marble look.