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We really think our customers needs to be provided with all the information that we will be able to communicate, as most of our architectural products are new in the market, no company ever before sold a hand painted ceiling dome, column, or ceiling tile online, for example. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any question, comment or inquiry you might have, we promise to provide you with all the most accurate information that you really need about our hand painted architectural elements.

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Difference Between Low Luster And Gloss Finish Sheen

Low Luster: We call it natural paint color, as this is the real look of all the metallic colors that we use to hand finish our products, it is compared to a point between eggshell and semi-gloss in regular paints sheen. Low luster is available for interior and exterior settings.

Gloss: This is a very shiny look obtained by a gloss clear coat applied on top of the metallic paint, and it’s compared to a regular glossy paint. Gloss finish is available for interior and exterior settings.