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I need to buy column capitals and bases, and I have my own shafts, how can I calculate measurements?

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We, of course, provide column capitals and bases as separated products, but we cannot guaranteed fitting on other shafts, including your own, there are several reasons, and one of them is the diameter, usually all these products comes 3/8 in. smaller than factory measurements, and secondly, all our hand painted columns are tapered, it means that the shaft top diameter is smaller than center or bottom, beside there's an assembly point on shaft top with no exact diameter at all.

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I would like to know about your Endure-Stone architectural columns.

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Endura-Stone™ Columns are architecturally proportioned columns manufactured from rotocast, Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) - the most advanced construction material in the world. With Flame Guard™, Endura-Stone™ Columns have become the first FRP column to achieve the distinction of passing an industry test (ASTME, 84-01) that measures the flame spread and smoke development of building components in a fire. Pound for pound our Endura-Stone™ Columns are stronger than concrete columns, steel columns, stone columns, wood columns, or aluminum columns. With the look and feel of natural stone, Endura-Stone™ columns are the most popular column for both interior columns and exterior columns. Endura-Stone™ columns offer exceptionally low maintenance, the look-and-feel of natural stone, and a range of applications unequalled by conventional wood columns. They are non-porous, waterproof, and impervious to termite and carpenter ant attack as well as staining and decaying fungi. High-humidity environments that are so hard on wood columns have no effect on these Endura-Stone™ columns; they are rot-proof because they absorb virtually no moisture. In fact, temperature extremes and thermal cycling have very little effect on Endura-Stone™ columns.

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I would like to know about your architectural columns.

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The architectural column has remained popular since classical times. It has won favor through revival periods, and continues to inspire timelessly elegant exterior and interior enhancements today. Whether crafted in ultra-durable fiberglass or naturally beautiful carved wood, the architectural column has a special beauty, and it is sure to become a defining addition to any space. Our column selection includes columns crafted in materials best suited for both exterior and interior applications. We offer both architecturally correct columns, as well as columns in custom heights and diameters. The architecturally correct column stays true to the proportions of its classical predecessors. For example, the slender and lofty Corinthian column has a height-to-thickness ratio of 10:1, whereas the stocky Tuscan column has a height-to-thickness ratio of 7:1. The architecturally correct Doric column has 20 flutes and the Ionic column is decorated with 24 flutes. Most columns also include a tapered shaft. This gives the column a dramatic and elegant appearance.

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What is a tapered column?

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This simply styled column features just the right amount of detail for a crisp and architecturally rich appearance. We offer the Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Column in classical proportions for those in search of a historically accurate product. This column is inspired by the Doric and Tuscan columns of ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Like its ancient predecessors, it features a entasis (a slight bulge at the center of the column shaft), and a gracefully tapered form. Ancient architects believed that these elements combined to produce the most aesthetically effective and visually pleasing column. Today, their principles live on in the Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Column.

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How the height of a column is calculated?

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Columns are divided in three sections, capital, shaft and base, every one of them has specific measurements, but all together that form the column itself has only one specific height, called (overall height) and that is the measurement that should be calculated as the column height.

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I would like to know about your hand painted faux marble finish.

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We paint our columns and pilasters completely by hand, reproducing real marbles, using a sophisticated technique to obtain the deep and transparent appearance of marble, as well as the veins and cracks produced in the rock by the oxidation of metals through the years. This artistic process is elaborated in several stages through a careful combination of layers of colors, from the base colors to the upper layers, as in reality, then later a glossy clear coat is applied for a real marble look.